We Specialize in Natural Medicine & Wellness: consultations, therapy and education.

Whole Body Assessment

whole-body-assessment_01The human body is a complex integrated system. Hence, we take into account our patients’ physical, genetic, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, social and other factors that may be contributing to the symptoms they have.

Natural Healing



We recognize that our bodies have natural self-healing abilities. When harnessed, these self-healing properties can lead to superior and lasting outcomes. 


Emphasis on Prevention

nutrition_01We take prevention seriously and emphasize its importance in maintaining optimal health. We promote prevention by assessing risk factors that increase susceptibility to diseases such as family history, lifestyle and environment.

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Welcome to YChi Center, an internationally recognized naturopathic and alternative medical center serving the greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

At YChi Center, you are welcome to explore an innovative approach to total body health and wellness.  We balance ancient wisdom with modern practical health solutions. 

about-Ychi_01Our patient care approach emphasizes (1) whole body assessment  (2) natural healing with a preference for utilizing the body’s natural healing processes and (3) prevention through education, counseling and coaching.

We Specialize in Natural Medicine Consultation, Treatment and Education.

ychi center

YChi Center patient

At YChi Center, we offer customized services tailored to each patient.

We combine expertise in natural and traditional medicine to offer a range of solutions to heal the whole body – rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Hello! I am Dr Oluchi (Oluchi Ukaegbu, N.D.). Welcome to YChi Center.

Dr-Luchi_010Dr. Oluchi Ukaegbu is an accredited naturopathic doctor. An expert in natural medicine balancing eastern and western medical sciences. She received her bachelors degree in science from Delaware State University majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. She earned her doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences. An accelerated four-year medical school located in the beautiful sunny Tempe, Arizona.